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‘live’ at Glastonbury Festival 2008

b.e_cooling [Image by S Peters]

b.e_cooling is a singer-songwriter.

He plays an original style of “bluesy, alt.folk-rock with a dash of urban country soul” which he has performed in showcase events and festivals over the past 30+ years.

Since the age of 15 he has written more than 90 songs. He has been a Beatles fan since the age of six (George, if you’re wondering) and other strong influences include Bob Dylan, Pete Townsend,
 David Bowie, Neil Young & Bob Marley.

He has performed at Glastonbury Festival and self-released three albums with more on the way.




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“Grounded” (2017)
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b.e_cooling’s newest album “Grounded” comprises a collection of older and newer songs. From simple voice and guitar songs like “Who Are You?” to fuller arrangements (eg. “Apple in My Eye”), “Grounded” is full of  “bluesy, alt.folk-rock with a dash of urban country soul”.


“Apple in my Eye” is the first track on  the album, Grounded. I was thinking about how certain ideas and motifs have wormed their way into human culture and the apple certainly has its place to play. Of course, where I live in Somerest, England, cider is a potent beverage often enjoyed in pubs, homes, picnics, gutters, etc, whereas in North America apple cider is little more than thick apple juice to be relished by children and grannies.

Apple in my Eye (original pre-Grounded mix)

Who Are You? (from Grounded 2017)
filmed on my brother’s farm in Ontario, Canada (October 2016)

“Who Are You?” is a personal song like many that I do. I must have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan at the time but then he’s always been a strong influence. I wanted something light and simple that captured the essence of two people trying to get to know each other away from all the clutter”.

“Conway Tweety” (2017)
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"Conway Tweety" is a satirical, up-tempo country-style song with a dancehall/musical feel. Although never mentioned by name, it is dedicated to Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President of the United States.

Feel free to enjoy it as many times as you like and to share it with as many people as you like. Such moments in history are (thankfully) few and far between; perhaps we should all feel blessed to be a witness to it all.

Side B is a song called “Skunk”. It is also satirical. Try it if you don’t believe me!


Conway Tweety [2017]

“I wrote this one for Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s special counsel in the White House. Who could not watch her rant about the Bowling Green massacres, alternative facts and microwave cameras without feeling inspired to immortalize it?

CAUTION: there are no images of KC in the video so if you’re into that kind of thing then all Canadian sincerity, I am pleased to disappoint.

George (2008)

For those of you who enjoy a little political satire, here is a ‘live’ performance of an earlier song called “George” which was written during George W. Bush’s second term of office.

At the time, I confess that when I wrote the song I sincerely believed that the United States had hit rock bottom and that it could never get worse.

I would like to retract that ...

‘unreleased’ previews

“A personal song like many that I do. I must have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan at the time but then he’s always been a strong influence. I wanted something light and simple that captured the essence of two people trying to get to know each other away from all the clutter”.

Knock at the Door (2014)

Don’t Give Up [2015]

“Looking a bit spooked here at times, but this is one of my favourite songs. It’s a reflection on life so far from Canada to the UK and everyhting in between.

A rich bluesy-folk-soul feel permeates and is reminiscent of Johnny Cash. I used to watch his variety programme on TV when I was a teenager”.

“Initial Settings” (2012)(click on the album cover to buy)

Initail Settings (2012) - (Album art copyright B. Stuart   2012)

“Initial Settings” was performed, recorded and mixed by ‘Woody’ Woodward and b.e_cooling. We first performed together on the stage at Glastonbury Festival though we knew each other from the local open mic night. What began on that day in June 2008 carried on for four more years and a number of performances at local festivals, pubs and parties.

It was produced by Woody Woodward at Fool’s Folly Studios in Frome (UK). All songs are composed by b.e_cooling except X-19 , a boppy electronic track completely of Woody’s own making.


I wrote “It Don’t Matter” when I was reading a biography of Jimi Hendrix which I got for Christmas one year. I’m not sure why I told you that but, let’s face it, it doesn’t really matter.

More importantly, I would play this regularly at open mics and it was the song which impressed those that booked me to play at Glastonbury. It’s quite a dynamic song and I particularly like the guitar solo which was performed by Woody’s friend, Jim, and digitally manipulated by Woody.

It Don’t Matter
(from “Initial Settings”)

The Green Man Cometh
(from “Initial Settings”)

“The Green Man Cometh” is a fast blues-rock number replete with cajon and slide guitar. It is the first track which Woody and I recorded together. We recorded it ‘live’ in the studio and then added bits on afterwards.

The video is all my doing except for all the stuff I borrowed from somewhere else. Any violation of copyright is completely unintentional (unlike human beings’ destruction of our planet).

This remains a staple at my performances despite the absence of Woody.

The Green Man Cometh ep  (Album art copyright B. Stuart   2009)

EP: The Green Man Cometh”

some ‘live’ performances

GLASTONBURYFestival 2008

“What a treat! I’d been attending a regular open mic in Bruton and was invited to played  the Avalon Cafe Stage. For my last song I was joined by Woody Woodward (on cajon) having only heard the song once a few weeks prior. Woody and I went on to record and perform together over the next 4 years and he produced “Initial Settings”.
After this gig we made our way over to the Rabbit Hole for a slot there. A day to remember”.

The Green Man Cometh [2008]
(Woody Woodward on cajon)

“This was recorded at The Horseshoe in Shepton Mallet. Doug got out the special mics that evening which made a great difference.

The song harks back to a tougher time which I wanted to get out of. Sonically, it’s got a catchy uptempo bluesy/rockabilly feel. Think along the lines of The Clash or John Lennon”.

Knock at the Door [live]

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