Initial Settings 

This is the second album by b.e_cooling. It incorporates all four  tracks from the debut Green Man Cometh ep and includes an additional seven songs. Opening with down-tempo “Lo-life” the listener is then propelled into a musical ride of different moods and tempos broadly within a folk/blues-rock context.

“We first performed together on the stage at Glastonbury Festival though we knew each other from the local open mic night. What began on that day in June 2008 carried on for four more years and a number of performances at local festivals, pubs and parties.
I’m very happy with what we managed to create. It was a great learning experience for both of us and our mixing and arranging abilities grew exponentially throughout the process.”

Recorded in Frome, England by A.N ‘Woody’ Woodward.

Mixed by A.N ‘Woody’ Woodward and Brian Cooling.

Produced by A.N ‘Woody’ Woodward

Mastered by Tubemastering (

All music and lyrics by Brian Cooling.

Cover art by Brian Cooling

© Brian Cooling Stuart 2012